Seasonal Living

Seasonal living .. is all about tapping into the wisdom, energy, and lessons of the season. Seasonal living .. recognizes that there is a Universal law, an undeniable truth, that our inner world is influenced by our outer world.

I love to dive in and learn more about the season .. and how it may influence or guide us in our meditation practice and sacred rituals. As I am located in the Southern Hemisphere (Melbourne, Australia) I will be following our seasons .. but over time will build a beautiful library of nourishing resources.


Spring symbolizes: new life, new beginnings, and awakening.

Download my Spring Awakening eBooklet (2018) where I share some of my favorite Spring rituals and influences and a guided Silent Spring Mantra. Download here: Spring Awakening eBooklet


Other Resources

Retreat eBookThinking about going on a retreat?

I have attended a few one day, weekend and longer meditation and yoga retreats over the years. Early in January 2016 I was planning to head off to the other side of the world for an eight-day intensive meditation and teacher training retreat. I was making copious lists to keep me organised as I had so much going on in life .. and then I thought those lists and thoughts might be useful for others on the same journey.  When I returned, armed with even more insight, I wrote this little eBook to share. Download here : Attending A Meditation Retreat

Sa Ta Na Ma eBookSa Ta Na Ma Meditation

An introduction to this wonderful practice that has its roots in the 16-century spiritual traditions of northern India, returning with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the 70’s &  80’s. This meditation has been scientifically recognized as a powerful tool for increasing all aspects of cognitive function; perception, thinking, reasoning and remembering, also reducing stress levels and improving short-term memory. Three significant studies have been published at the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA University of California.  Download PDF : Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation here

Meditative Exercise PDF download resource9 Round Breath Exercise

An excellent exercise to settle the mind and stabilize focus prior to a longer period of meditation, or at any time during the day when you need to release tension and stress. Based on Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana) from the yoga tradition, in this version we are simply using our mental focus to imagine, as strongly as we can, that we are alternating our breath through one nostril at a time. You can purchase a guided version of this meditative exercise (by Sarah from Quiet Mind Meditation) at our Shop here or Download the PDF: 9 Round Breath Exercise