Each year, as we turn the page to a new year .. I find myself reflecting on my daily rituals and practices.

Here in the southern hemisphere it is high Summer, a time when many of us take long summer holidays and life slows down a little .. so there is, in a sense, a pause .. giving us time to reflect on our rituals .. are they supporting us to feel our best, to sleep well, cultivate life energy and focus, and align with our wellbeing vision – emotionally, physically and spiritually?

This year, I thought I might share some of my favourite wellbeing practices and rituals here (as a blog post) but this will be slowly woven into this space as summertime allows .. the best way to follow along, is to :

JOIN ME for the 31-Day Mindful Wellbeing Challenge starting 1st January 2023.

Each day I will be exploring a ritual, exercise or practice that might best support and nourish my wellbeing goals for the year ahead.

The ‘challenge’ is very personal .. that you find something that resonates with you, and you commit to building a new wellbeing habit; one that brings you fresh energy, a touch of joy-fullness, sense of being grounded, or inner clarity. So that you have fresh tools in your toolbox before shifting back into work commitments, school responsibilities, family activities, Mum-taxi, housekeeping, and juggling-it-all type days.

There will be a gentle focus on: meditation, mindful movement, energy work, breath work, somatic and sensory practices .. and more!

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A daily email inviting you to explore new rituals and mindfulness practices for enhanced wellness, self-care, and focus in 2023.

I know how important my daily rituals are for maintaining my sense of wellness and balance .. and as the year draws to a close, I know that I have fallen ‘out of habit’ with some of these supportive practices, or perhaps they have become a little worn. But over the past few years, I have come to relish the slower month of January when there is a little more space and time to listen to my mind, body, and spirit .. and re-engage with the practices that support me best .. to feel held, grounded, and nourished.

If you are looking for a kick-star or fresh perspective on wellness rituals and practices that might best support you in 2023 – this 31-day challenge is the ideal place to start!

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~ each email is short (1-5 minutes) and can be done immediately or at another suitable time during the day

~ each day’s practice is an opportunity to experiment and find the practice(s) that resonate with you!

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31-Day Mindful Wellbeing Challenge