The wisdom of Spring is Renewal. Rebirth. Awakening.

Oh hello! Hey there!

Yes .. it’s been a while since I have posted. You might say, I took a Winter retreat, which is totally in alignment with the wisdom of Winter: a slowing down, shifting inward, reflection and rest. I was blessed to be invited away for a two week holiday, complete bliss in one of the most beautiful places on this big spinning globe. But when I returned, I still couldn’t muster up the energy for all the ‘things’. Even the fun things.

The lead up and launch of The Meditation Box in June, and all the dreaming, planning and actioning for our first Foundation Box, was huge! And, then I found myself right back into planning and being creative for the Spring ‘Senses’ Box which quickly SOLD OUT and I was packing and shipping again. True, it has been a wild and exhilarating ride, so much to learn and integrate .. but incredibly creative and satisfying being able to share my dream with the world (or my little part of the world ie. Australia).

Right now, I am busy dreaming up the Summer ‘Creativity’ Meditation Box .. and I have some new Online LIVE classes to share with you soon also. And, I am not sure how long I can ignore the impending festive season and all the busyness that will bring. Here in Australia, we shift into Spring with the understanding that we are about to experience the ‘event season’ and end of financial year demands, the end of our school year and then Christmas and our big annual Summer holidays. So my calendar is going to be getting progressively busier in coming weeks .. thank goodness I have my twice daily meditation practice to keep me grounded and connected with myself (if you know, you know!).

The Spring ‘Senses’ Meditation Box

How did I notice Spring’s arrival? well, firstly .. the early bird songs that start waking me up pre-dawn, and then I noticed my jasmine flower vine was blossoming, and then one day the sun stayed out longer and the wind was WARM! I love blue sky and warm sunlight, so each of these moments heralded in the return of the light for me! #Gratitude

The sound of the birds, the scent of the jasmine, and the touch of the warm wind .. are little calls from nature that awaken our senses after the slumber of Winter. As Spring literally starts to burst through the earth, our senses are powerfully awakened and it is when we tap into our senses, that we can cultivate mindfulness and embodied wakefulness.

The Spring ‘Senses’ Meditation Box was always going to be a delightful one .. finding those unique and beautiful products and experiences to awaken the senses: what might seduce your sense of hearing? or taste? what might delight your sense of touch or sight? And how might these items cultivate mindfulness and meditative awareness?

I shall share a complete view of The Spring Meditation Box in my next post .. once all of the subscribers have received their box and the secrets are revealed (as this is an important part of the Meditation Box experience, to create a sense of curiosity and excitement and engagement in the present moment of receiving and opening each box item). But, for a sneak peek:

*Feature Book: I knew instantly which book would provide a wonderful insight into the senses and mindfulness .. one from an internationally known teacher and author, often called the godfather of Mindfulness.

*5-6 mindfully chosen products + experiences : including a stunning item to bring Spring to your altar (sense of sight), a very traditional item to capture your ears (sense of hearing), another product for our mindfulness of touch class (sense of touch), aromatics (sense of smell) and the most fun and exciting product for our mindfulness of eating class (sense of taste).

*Four LIVE classes to explore the senses in meditation and mindfulness practices.

*With a gift to awaken the Buddhist sixth sense – of mind.


Summer ‘Creativity’ MEDITATION BOX

And now, as the Spring sunlight returns and begins to fill my living room with warmth and fresh energy, I am preparing for our next box – the Summer ‘Creativity‘ Meditation Box which will be shipped early December. Perfectly in time for Christmas gifting .. to yourself or someone special.

Summer is the season of high yang-energy, growth and illumination, when we are inspired to dream big and life holds a sense of endless potential. The Summer ‘Creativity’ Meditation Box will tickle curiosity and create a spaciousness of mind, so that in the stillness of meditation, creative realisations might blossom into awareness.

Each Meditation Box includes:

* Feature book: a carefully selected meditation book from authors both established, contemporary and upcoming. Some of my favourite books included!

* A selection of 4-5 mindfully chosen items from artisans, creatives and small Australian brands, to cultivate curiosity and tap into your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) to help you stay present and connect to the world around and within.

* Access to the Online Learning Hub, a growing space to offer mini-courses and workshops and unique author content, using audio, video, email or live components, to develop knowledge and mastery in alignment with our meditation theme each season.


Please let me know if you have any questions –