Our aim is to share our passion for meditation because we believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone should learn. However we cannot ‘sell’ you meditation (or even gift it to you .. though we would love to)

Meditation is not a quick fix or something you can just make happen. We believe our role is to share knowledge, research, personal experience and insight, unwavering support and gentle motivation so that you can start your own meditation journey. Meditation is a practice founded on the development of self-awareness and a self-awareness of individual practitioners own physical and mental capabilities and limitations. Our courses are designed to provide a solid foundation of understanding so that you can begin your own personal meditation practice, from the very first class, and finish our more intensive courses with all that you need to begin your meditation journey.

YES, meditation is a practice. YES, you have to DO IT.

The many benefits reported in studies and research, come from a regular meditation practice! It you are not sure you can commit, or are unwilling to ‘do the practice’ then our classes may not be suitable for your current needs.