It has been such a busy few months, I cannot believe that I have not shared any recent updates on my beautiful Meditation Box!

Launched in June 2022, this is my heart work and I have been fully immersed in all the beauty, wonder, frustration and learning that is involved in a new project. To be sure, there is much joy in this project, but also a lot of energy and focus as I take on many new roles – retail manager, shipping and logistics manager, sourcing genius, and an IT-intern finding my way through a multitude of new platforms and new ways of doing things. On top of being a meditation teacher!

I did have a wonderfully relaxing summer break with family so I was feeling rested and ready to go when I got back to my desk .. and now, it’s time for the Autumn Meditation Box.

What is The Meditation Box?

I would love for you to visit the new website that I created (here) and you can read a little about where the idea came from (here) and a recent post, Why a Meditation Box (here).

The Meditation Box is a seasonal subscription box
to delight and inspire your meditation practice.

I really wanted to offer meditators, new and settled, some fresh inspiration, motivation and support for their practice. My vision was to source really beautiful, unique, Australian and small brand products, along with engaging content, online experiences and downloadable resources, to create a sense of intrigue and curiosity .. and package it in a gorgeous box to be delivered straight to your door.

There were three seasonally themed boxes shared with the world in 2022:

The Foundation Box – an ideal place to start to ensure a solid foundation for meditation (this box is always available for next day shipping).

Spring ‘Senses’ Box – our Spring 2022 box was delicious in every ‘sense’, designed to awaken and mindfully engage each of the five primary senses as a doorway to meditation.

Summer ‘Creativity’ Box – our Summer 2022 box was playful and ‘creative’, with a focus on cultivating and expanding our innate creativity through meditation.

The Meditation Box is Limited Edition

~ The Meditation Box is released to celebrate each season – Summer, Autumn, Winter + Spring
~ Each box has a seasonal theme which will not be repeated
~ You can subscribe for one season, three or five seasons and boxes are subscription only
~ Inside each Meditation Box there is *a feature book *5-6 curated products + experiences *access to the Online Learning Hub *Masterclass *mini-guide
~ Only available in Australia (at this time)

The Autumn Meditation Box has the theme Grounding and our focus is to cultivate a sense of stability, resilience and confidence, so we can navigate the weather of change and transition in life. Just as we see in nature, Autumn is when the trees release their foliage in order to nourish the soil, and then return their energy inward and downward to develop deep and secure roots for the transition into winter.

Feature Book: ‘Grounded’ by Ruth Allen.

This is such a beautiful, hardcover book. A real delight to hold and read, full of inspiring images and stories from adventures in nature, with mindfulness, breathing and stillness activities, and movement exercises, to connect with the physical world.

Ruth Allen is a counsellor and eco-psychotherapist, specialising in outdoor practice and nature connection, with a PhD in geology. She is a writer, speaker and adventurer, interested in the intersections between the natural world, health and wellbeing, movement and the stories we tell.

The Autumn ‘Grounding’ Box is OPEN for subscription NOW (closing end of February or until sold out).

SPECIAL OFFER – 20% OFF your first box with any seasonal subscription.