Hello, I’m Sarah. Meditation teacher, explorer and guide.

I am so glad you have found your way here. Welcome.

Hi, I'm Sarah

Having found your way here, I must say, it shows that you have a level of curiosity that is considered so incredibly valuable in meditation!

It’s curiosity that ignites a sense of wonder, intrigue, and a spirit of inquiry – inspiring mindfulness and a heightened awareness of our experiences. When we embrace curiosity in meditation we can experience a deeper sense of engagement and exploration.

This is my online ‘home’, and evolving space that mirrors the seasons and reflects my current focus and offerings.

I extend my warmest invitation to explore the vast world of meditation with me .. you can visit some of my writings (Blog), recordings and resources (Offerings) and sign-up of my Newsletter to continue the journey.

Finding Meditation

I first experienced meditation as a senior student about to embark on my final exams, an all round, really stressful time for everyone. That first meditation experience truly inspired me .. and I have continued to seek out and nourish my passion for meditation. For nearly three decades, meditation has been a steadfast companion throughout my adult life.

I embrace the fact that my journey with meditation is an ongoing one. I eagerly seek out new perspectives and techniques, attend retreats and learn from teachers. Yet, at its core, meditation remains a simple practice of sitting and being present.

Why Meditate?

Life takes on a brighter hue with meditation. I firmly believe, actually, I am certain, that meditation is a vital life skill essential for our world today. From my late teens when I had my first experience with a guided breath awareness practice, through university and the whirlwind of a demanding corporate career, I have continue to seek the blissful calm and clarity that meditation gifts me. My practice has anchored me through the transitions of life, offering respite and quiet moments in amongst the busyness and noise.

Meditation isn’t just a practice; it’s my sanctuary – a place for rest, reflection, and renewal. My true home base.

Meditation stands as an ancient and profound practice for stilling the mind .. allowing the body to achieve a profound sense of relaxation, and the mind to rest in that inner stillness, while cultivating a heightened sense of awareness and focus. Meditation empowers us to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and grace.

People seek out meditation for many reasons .. to relax, combat or better manage stress, improve health, sharpen concentration and awareness, inspire creativity, and adapt better to life’s ever shifting demands. Across continents, languages, and spiritual traditions, for millennia, individuals have embraced meditation as a timeless source of peace and resilience.

Quiet Mind Meditation About Us

Quiet Mind Meditation

After two years of quietly sharing and facilitating meditation gatherings part-time, in 2009 I felt that it was time to start Quiet Mind Meditation. It was the arrival of what is known as the ‘global financial crisis’ that led to accepting a redundancy from the corporate recruitment career that I had loved, but knew was coming to an end.

I started Quiet Mind because I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn and benefit from!

My teaching is grounded in simplicity: a practical, down-to-earth approach aimed at making meditation accessible and enjoyable for all. In my classes, expect a relaxed atmosphere where learning intertwines with laughter.

I appreciate both the art and the science of meditation, and share the learnings and practices that have had the greatest influence on my life and my practice: mindfulness, breath work, and mantra are the core of my personal practice. Each class offers a blend of instruction, practice and discussion, exploring the how and the why of meditation, and a variety of different relaxation nd meditation techniques (both classical and modern). Most of my classes are currently online (2024), although this may change at any time!

You can find our meditation classes and events under the CLASS Page

A Journey of Learning

In 2015, I embarked on a transformative journey by pursuing the 200-hour Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Certification at the McLean Meditation Institute. I first met Sarah McLean online way back in 2010, she was a pioneer for sharing meditation online, and we finally met in person when she came to Australia in 2011. We organised a very well attended workshop in the city (you can read more here). The certification program filled my cup (overflowing) and involved 200 hours of comprehensive training in theory, science, teaching and practice, followed by an 8-day, in-person Teacher Training Intensive in Sedona

Then, in January 2016, I immersed myself in the majestic landscapes of Sedona to complete the intensive training; followed by a three-day Meditation Teacher Symposium, where I met with meditation teachers from around the globe, fostering incredible insights and connections.

In 2015, I eagerly embraced the role of faculty member for the Ihana Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training Program, developing the meditation offering and having the incredible privilege of guiding and empowering yoga instructors in their own personal meditation practices, but also their growth as teachers.

And, in 2016, I assumed the role of Course Advisor for the McLean Meditation Academy, extending mentorship to aspiring teachers navigating the same Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher training that I had loved. This was true heart-work .. and I am honored to have shared the journey for so many new teachers across the globe.

Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself (Chinese Proverb)

Professional Qualifications
MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher
Member, Meditation Association of Australia
Melbourne Meditation Centre Teacher Certification
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, SIYLI Program
Certificate of Professional Engagement: Mindfulness for Children
Relax Kids Teacher Training
Certificate in Remedial Massage
Small Business Certificate IV
Bachelor of Business (Administration)

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