Group meditation and tea.

From our studio in Sandringham (Victoria, Australia) or join in online (via Zoom).

November is the final month of Spring here in the southern hemisphere and we have just emerged from a long period of lockdown isolation .. and so we are emerging from a period of extended hibernation, called by the beautiful warm weather and sunny skies to gather, socialise and reconnect.

The Season of Spring: Renewal. Awakening. Growth.

I invite you to join us for meditation this November.

meditation, mindfulness + tea

Every Sunday

5pm to 6pm

Investment: Casual Class $20 / Month Pass (discount)

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In Studio – In Person

Online (Zoom)

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What Shall We Do?

*we shall begin with a cup of tea. I shall bring a variety of herbal tea
*a brief introduction to a topic or theme to inspire us
*start with a Mindfulness practice, 10-15min warm up
*possibly another cup of tea!
*a longer guided meditation of approx. 20min (as a guide)

What to bring

*a cushion/bolster/block that you would like to sit on
*a shawl or light blanket to cover your back and keep you warm and cocooned

I am encouraging you to bring your own meditation support items .. so you can get a better feel for what works for you, begin building a sense of connection with your practice, and so you can take that home with you.

Venue: Yoga Station 3/52 Bay Road, Sandringham VIC 3191

Got a question? email me