Welcome to Seasonal Mindfulness.

I have created this offering based on my own personal meditation journey of 30+ years, inspired by my teachers from both the wisdom traditions and contemporary evidence-based communities .. and my growing appreciation and awareness that nature and the energy of nature can be our greatest teacher.

Seasonal Mindfulness is all about Mindfulness + the Seasons.

When I am mindful and guided by the natural world around me, the heat and fire energy of Summer or the inward shifting and reflective energy of Winter, I find that my personal meditation practice, and daily life, become even more expansive and engaging. Harmonising my inner world to my external environment .. continues to nourish and inspire my daily practice.

“Cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding of the seasonal changes unfolding in our external environment can help us understand their influence on our internal world .. our energy, mood, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and choices. The changing seasons can also inspire and inform our meditation, mindfulness and daily rituals, so that we can balance and harmonise our inner and outer worlds.”
Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar

The Seasonal Calendar reflects the energetic flavour of each Season and gives us a unique monthly theme to refine our focus and awareness.

These themes can guide us to observe and tap-into the energy and wisdom of each season, and also give us a refreshing new ‘lens’ for our meditation, mindfulness and daily life practices.

Seasonal Offerings

All my classes, workshops and events are inspired by Seasonal Mindfulness.

* 2022 COMING SOON *


 a season of bold fire energy that drives nature upward and outward
Meditation themes: Restoring Balance. Life Energy. Expression


a time of gathering, harvesting and storing before Winter’s rest 
Meditation themes: Preparation. Transition. Releasing.


nature’s period of withdrawal, allowing space for replenishment and gestation.
Meditation themes: Refuge. Harmony. Reflection.


blossoming with fresh energy and new growth
Meditation themes: Awakening. Renewal. Growth.

As above, so below, as within, so without, 
as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus

Seasonal Living eMagazine

The Seasonal Living eMagazine is produced four times each year, in alignment with each Season.

Loving curated, I share some of my own seasonal journey, along with inspiring content from other well known and much appreciated teachers (and friends) who offer their wisdom. Each month a guided meditation, mindfulness practices and daily rituals.

The Seasonal Living eMagazine is a FREE offering to Subscribers.

Seasonal Living eMag

Each Season:

* Wisdom of the Season

* Rituals for the Equinox or Solstice

* Moon guide

* Seasonal Mindfulness Practice

* Guided Meditation (audio)

* Daily Life Rituals 

* Seasonal wisdom from Qigong, Yoga, Ayurveda and Reflexology

* Essential Oils for the Season

* Optimal Seasonal Eating and recipe

*and often much more ….