We offer a range of classes, workshops and events throughout a year .. with a gentle focus on the seasons to guide us. Our intention with seasonal offerings is to encourage and support a greater awareness and connection to the tune of nature.

Seasonal living was a natural thing 100 years ago: we got up with the light, and went to bed with the night, we ate local produce as it became available to us according to what we could harvest and farm from the earth, and our activities were dictated by the changing weather patterns .. we tuned into the energy of the seasons and the energy within ourselves.

Now we can shop, eat, travel vast distances, and temperature control our lives .. and we often sit for long periods of time in front of small screens, 24/7 – whenever we want.

However, changing seasons affect not only our external environment but also our internal environment; our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental needs.

By cultivating an awareness of the ongoing, subtle, and not so subtle, changes that occur around and within us each season .. we can move in harmony with them, and truly tap into and influence our own wellbeing.

We believe it is important to observe the changes that each Season naturally brings, and adapt our daily habits, yoga and meditation practices, and food choices.