After exploring The Grace Period last week (Week 1) ..

In Week Two we took a deeper and more intimate journey, travelling into our bodies so we might observe all the myriad of sensations and aliveness there – surprisingly alive, even when quietly seated in meditation.

Our body is constantly communicating with us, but often we don’t notice .. or perhaps we don’t have the words to name or identify the sensation. Here is a lovely list that I found online, originally from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute:

  • achy, airy
  • bloated, blocked, breathless, bubbly, burning, buzzy
  • chills, churning, clammy, clenched, congested, constricted, cool, cold
  • damp, dense, dizzy, dull
  • electric, empty, energized
  • faint, flaccid, flushed, fluid, fluttery, floaty, fuzzy
  • goose-bumps
  • heavy, hollow, hot
  • itchy
  • jerky, jumbly
  • knotted
  • light
  • moist
  • nauseous, numb
  • paralysed, pins and needles, prickly, puffy
  • quaking, quivery
  • radiating
  • sharp, shivery, shuddering, sore, stiff, suffocating, sweaty
  • tense, thick, tight, tickley, tingly, trembling, twitchy
  • vibrating
  • warm, weak, wobbly

I’d invite you to take a moment, right now, and tune into your current experience.

What sensations or feelings can you notice in your body?

Can you add any new words to this list?

*I instantly thought of creaking!

Over the week, we explored some shorter Meditative Exercises that gave us an opportunity to reconnect with our bodies .. along with practices such as Bodyfulness, Mindful Movement, Grounding, Exercises to Cultivate, Store and Release Energy, Transformative Walking Meditation and (of course) the wonderful guided Body Scan Meditation which is where we can actually observe the process of relaxation.

Astonishing really .. how much LIFE there is in our body, when we sit in meditation .. and the constant dialogue that goes on between body, mind and breath.

Participants are doing great and spirits were high in our LIVE session this week. It is always lovely to share the space for meditation, even when on different lands!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next Exploring Meditation course begins July 22nd (until August 30th) and opens for registration on 1st July.