Calling all seekers, adventurers, travellers and the curious .. is it time you started meditating?

The Exploring Meditation journey is happening again!

22nd July to 30th August, 2024

The Exploring Meditation Course is a 40-day ‘exploration of meditation’ that includes a:

+ daily email with instructions and support
+ daily guided meditation (audio) slowly building from 5-30min
+weekly LIVE class with time for questions and group meditation
+ downloadable Meditation Journal
+ Exploring Meditation Guidebook

And, to be honest, learning to meditate is surprisingly simple. But, like any new skill, it requires practice, kindness, openness, and often a little tenacity .. to truly experience the essence (and benefits) of meditation!

Which is why, after all, that meditation is called a practice.

So, in Exploring Meditation we have 40 days to sit together and build something – a meditation practice that SUITS YOU!

Just like a violinist doesn’t play Bach the first time they pick up the instrument, instead, they start with the basics, repeating, again and again, making mistakes, trying to correct them, being guided by a teacher who has travelled the same path, and maintaining their passion and enthusiasm – this is the secret!

And then, with experience, consistent practice and positive support, one day, the music flows EFFORTLESSLY.

We sit and we meditate  – to be ready to FLOW.

If you feel it is time to start a personal, regular and sustainable meditation practice .. if you are looking for tools to self-manage stress, improve the quality of sleep, or enhance creativity and a sense of calm and joyful presence – JOIN US – we start Monday 22nd July 2024.