The Exploring Meditation (40-Day) Course is drawn from my own meditation journey and personal practice (over 30 years), along with insights gained from being a meditation teacher for 15+ years.

And, I’ve taught a lot of people .. those who never thought they could meditate, those who had tried before but lost their way, those who had no idea why they let their ‘friend’ sign them up to learn about meditation, those who had been sent to learn on medical advice, and many other individuals who were struggling with stress, poor sleep, lack of creativity, a sense of disconnection and more.

I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to meditate with so many individuals over the years, to talk about our journey’s and our challenges, and to find a sense of shared stillness and silence together.

And, along the way, I began to ‘see’ a path .. a ‘map’ if you like of the the key elements and milestones found in meditation, which eventually became what I called, ‘Exploring Meditation’.

As well as learning the fundamentals of meditation, we also cover a range of different meditation techniques, so that YOU can find the practice, and the rhythm of practice, that suits YOU!

I also love to share both the ‘art and the science’ of meditation which offers a lovely mix of wisdom from the ancient teachers and traditions (which gave me such a solid foundation for my practice when I first found meditation), along with exciting modern day scientific research, which opens up new understandings about this sacred practice. Interestingly, both schools of thought (ancient and contemporary) support the incredibly benefits in a regular meditation practice – including the ability to self-manage stress, to build resilience and insight, and connect with a deeper sense of presence, peace and wellbeing.

We begin our journey with a Starter Pack (pdf) which is like a travel itinerary, including a downloadable Meditation Habit Tracker and 21-page Exploring Meditation Journal .. which gives participants a solid starting point and a great weekend read prior to commencing. Then, on Monday we begin with:

⭐️ a 6 AM email with our first guided mediation (audio) and instruction (there is a daily email and guided meditation for 40 days)

✨ then, at 7 pm we gather online for our first LIVE gathering where we meet our community, have a short Q&A and meditate together.

Week 1 explores ‘The Grace Period’ which marks the start of our meditation journey.

Grace: To do, honour or credit someone or something by one’s presence

The Grace Period is a gentle, fluid period of time that we can gift ourselves .. to allow for the physical and mental transition to meditation; from ‘frantically busy day, dinner not yet done, where are the kids, I’m exhausted” .. to .. ‘ok I am home, the phone is off, everyone is out, I have 20 minutes to myself ahhh‘.

The Grace Period is an act of honouring and giving space, and kindness, for our journey to meditation. This transition, from busyness to meditative stillness, may not happen quickly or effortlessly, but it’s an excellent starting point for our mind, body, and spirit to gently reconnect.

The Grace Period is an invitation to release the day’s drama, and offer a sense of gratitude and reverence for the precious moments you have provided for yourself and your meditation.

We explore the importance of our intention to meditate, how to find our posture, our breath, and taking our first step inward with a 10minute guided meditation (audio held on Soundcloud).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next Exploring Meditation course begins July 22nd (until August 30th) and opens for registration on 1st July.