COMING SOON : Creativity in Feb 2022

Awaken Creativity


We start Monday 7th February 2022

Each day (Mon-Fri) you will receive an email with a practice to enhance your sense of openness and spaciousness – in order to encourage creative realisations to unfold in conscious awareness.  

There will be a mixture of meditation practices, mindfulness exercises, rituals, journal prompts, mindful movement sequences, modern science and traditional wisdoms.

This is a self-guided journey into ‘Creativity’ with no pressure to join anything or attend anything .. rather, these precious jewels are offered so you might find what you need to expand and savour your own innate Creativity.

More details coming soon.

Who am I?

For the past twelve years I have been sharing my passion for meditation and mindfulness (and ritual) through the beautiful world of Seasonal Mindfulness.

Seasonal Mindfulness is a term that I coined to describe my own personal experience of aligning and harmonising my meditation practice with the energetic ‘flavour’ of the seasons.

I have found that when I listen to the wisdom of the seasons into my meditation, mindfulness and ritual practices .. then I continue to be nourished and engaged with my practices and my life.

You can find out more about my journey here.