These Mindful Moment exercises are brief, simple and practical exercises that allow us to apply the skill of meditation and mindfulness to the busy-ness of everyday life.

Taking just 5 minutes to PAUSE and be MINDFUL in the MOMENT can be life-changing.

These exercises may only take a few minutes .. but by stepping away from the noise and rushing we truly honor our own wellbeing.

Being a mindful person is probably the best way to find balance in life.

guided meditative exercise


The power and poetry of words to shift our attention inward.

Power of Words Mindfulness Exercise (5.44min)


Meditative Exercise


Grounding our attention to our resting hands which are quiet, warm and still in our lap.

Grounding With The Hands (6.18min)


Meditative Exercise


The power of a deep intentional breath to bring us into the present moment.

A Conscious Breath (5.37min)



Mindful Moment


At its core a simple focusing exercise – cultivating our ability to feel and watch our breath at the nostrils. This simple exercise profoundly quietens the racing mind.

9 Round Breath (5.14min)


Mindful Breath


The breath is a powerful tool that can positively impact our emotional health and decision-making. A deep breath can help us find focus, access a deeper sense of ease, and mentally recharge.

The Mindful Breath (5.44min)


Finding the Body Mindfulness


Grounding our attention in the body – provides us with a steadying anchor, as well as an opportunity to recognize and release any stress or tension that we might be carrying.

Finding The Body (6.33min)