Introducing … the Meditation Box!

A subscription box to inspire and support your meditation practice.

It’s a real box. Delivered straight to your door*

Each season, or four times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter) we shall be mindfully selecting products and experiences to help you start a personal meditation practice, and continue to nourish and enjoy your practice.

Central to each box will be a seasonal theme for focus and each box will include:

the Meditation Box

Meditation Book.

Each box will introduce a carefully selected meditation book from authors both established, contemporary and upcoming. Some of my favourite books included! The Book will align with the seasonal theme with a bookmark to match!

Products & Experiences.

A selection of 4-5 mindfully chosen items from artisans, creatives and small Australian brands, to cultivate curiosity and tap into your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) to help you stay present and connect to the world around and within.

Online Learning Hub.

A growing space to offer mini-courses and workshops and unique author content, using audio, video, email or live components, to develop knowledge and mastery in alignment with our meditation theme each season.

Why a Meditation Subscription Box?

Because meditation is a powerful practice that for thousands of years has been practiced across the world, in many forms and traditions, known to offer a long list of benefits:

*self-managing and releasing stress
*improving focus and creativity
*enhancing the quality of our sleep
*increasing our ability to cultivate positive emotions
*improving our sense of overall wellbeing
*and fostering a greater sense of connection with self and other!

New to meditation or looking for some inspiration ..
then the Meditation Box is for YOU!

Past Boxes ….

*the Meditation Box is currently only available to Australian subscribers