The Focus On series is all about sharing the diversity of meditation journeys and experiences. An opportunity to come together and share stories, practices and insights .. to listen and learn from each other.

I met Clare about five years ago when she was building an online marketing business in the wellness sector. I was thrilled to write a series of meditation posts for her and her community .. and we have continued to keep in touch and share online journeys.

Clare has recently launched a beautiful new website and business, a significant achievement at the best of times .. especially powerful after successfully facing a major health ‘curveball’.

When Clare mentioned that her meditation practice had been a vital ‘tool’ for her during this challenging time .. I had to invite her to share her journey with us.

Name: Clare Greig, Certified Business and Creativity Coach
Special Interest: Meditation

Clare Greig is a certified business and creativity coach, tree changer, musician and breast cancer thriver! Clare helps business types find their flow and creative types cultivate their business savvy. Clare’s clients are successful, high achieving business owners who are in greater need of life balance. Clare’s coaching supports clients to access their own daily creativity, inspiration, creativity, wisdom and clarity, so they find their own natural rhythm and best way to use their gifts and business to change the world.

You can learn more about Clare’s coaching on her website where you can also download her free guide “Big Ideas On Tap”.

Tell us about your Special Interest
I am a creativity coach. Creativity is something I have always, although I didn’t always know it, been connected to. Meditation is one of the key tools I use to move myself and my clients into the creative part of my brain. My biggest ideas and clarity come only when my mind is quiet and free.

How long have you been practicing, or working in this area?
Since as long as I can remember I have always operated predominantly from my intuitive, feeling driven right brain so I understand how to dig deep into your own creative well of goodness. Which allows us to be innovative and original in our business. I started out 2 years ago as a business coach, however my clients kept telling me I helped them feel creative. So I ran with this niche.

How did you ‘find’ meditation, and how long have you been practicing meditation
I still remember that first meditation course I signed up for. I (literally) fell off my chair. Over a decade later and I realize that what I resisted (calm, presence, stillness) proved to be my greatest asset in creative-business life. I wasn’t born knowing how to get big ideas on tap. I’ve had to discover, experiment and refine things for myself and for my coaching clients.

Despite pushing myself through my career (and in competitive industries), I’ve time and again realised that whenever I slowed down and made meditation part of my daily life, I hit gold. Every. Single. Time.

And by ‘gold’ I mean the money-making-idea-gold. Not just a pretty metaphor.

So over many years working in business and then later for myself as a business coach, I’ve dedicated myself to finding simple ways to wind down.

Do you have a regular practice – daily, weekly, other?
I try to commit to meditating every day and sometimes it doesn’t work out, especially with two little kids. However since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September last year I realised I needed meditation for so many reasons. To help me with the fear, worry and anxiety this life threatening illness could potentially bring. So I set my alarm away from the bed so I have to get up and commit to meditating every morning before my family wakes up.

What inspires you to keep meditating .. returning to your practice?
The results. It brings me so much peace, positivity and creativity. I’m at the stage now where if I miss for a few days I really feel it. My head get’s busy. Which means clarity falls away.

Why meditate?
I just love taking the time just for me to relax under a blanket and go within. It’s about self care. Making myself a priority. Because I know when I do that, everyone in my life benefits.

Do you have a particular technique(s) that you have found most suitable for you?
I really enjoy meditating through my chakras. I love focusing on the breath at different points in my body. I find I intuitively know when I need to move on to the next chakra. I love guided meditations but I also love the freedom of simply meditating without any assistance. I still do have many moments when it is frustrating and I can’t sit still. Which often means I need to go for a walk before, sing with my Tibetan singing bowl or do some yoga. Then try again.

AM or PM?
Morning works best for me because I know the house will be quiet. I like to sit upright on a chair with a blanket.

Have you a dedicated space for your practice?
I move around to different places in my house. My favourite place is out on our deck which sits overlooking a massive beautiful Eucalypt tree.

Have you attended a meditation retreat?
No but I would love to. Maybe even one where you aren’t allowed to speak to anyone for a few days.

Any favourite books/CDs/Resources that you might share with others?
I love Sara Brooke’s “Activiate your inner healer” CD. I also love having a tibetan singing bowl as it really helps to quickly shift my energy to a more relaxed state.

Any thoughts you might share with those who are new to meditation?
I would try and take an “in person course”, really just to be accountable to a teacher and a group. The shared experience of meditation is beautiful. Guided meditations are fantastic for beginners.

7 Random things about you?
1. I studied music and psychology – the perfect combo for a creativity coach.
2. I play jazz flute.
3. I grew up in the English countryside and now I live in the Australian bush.
4. My husband and I married on a beautiful beach in Thailand.
5. A breast cancer diagnosis and 8 months of treatment taught me what gratitude and presence really means.
6. My first ever job was selling grand pianos in a beautiful music shop in Bond st.
7. I have two beautiful kids who are my whole world.

Thank you Clare 🙂