The week that was …

Exciting to read about the wonderful response from students at a Belle River elementary school who started a new meditation club to help them become calmer, nicer and more focused at school.

Student Dayne Bensette says that the club helps him calm down

“Sometimes I have a lot of stuff that I do and everything is in my head and I can’t think so the meditation club helps me just think of breathing,” .. “I have so many things to do at school, sometimes I even get into fights with my friends and it really helps.”

Another student said “I liked when we laid down and we thought about our body,” .. “It taught me how to think about my body instead of other stuff.”

The principle of Pavillon des Jeunes started the meditation club after learning to meditate herself and feeling that it could be something students could also benefit from. The club meets once a week during the first recess of the day.

“If this is good for me, it would probably be good for the students too,” she said. “If it helps them to be happy, if it helps them to be kinder to one another, then I would be so pleased with that.”

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AND .. then there was the report that Hilary Clinton recommends meditation and deep breathing to “just slow yourself down.”

When asked by WABC’s Joan Hamburg if she meditates, Clinton said,

“I haven’t been doing it as regularly as I used to, but I can meditate. . . . [Meditation] has helped me a lot . . . Just slow yourself down, do that deep breathing that can give you a sense of relaxation and groundedness . . . You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed in some quiet room. Literally, you can do it on a plane, or in a car.”

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