I am a passionate advocate for meditation as both a speaker and writer.  I have been honoured to contribute various articles and post for:

Media Leader Newspaper

Quiet Mind founder Sarah Fletcher Launches The Meditation Collective‘: Leader Newspaper: May 2017

*A BAYSIDE meditation teacher has launched a guided group meditation session in Sandringham.

CounterCulturalist blog

‘How to Meditate: 35 Meditation Teachers Show You How to Overcome the Biggest Meditation Mistakes’: CounterCulturist Blog: September 2016

*What did I share as the biggest meditation mistake? Read the article for more.


‘Busting the Stress of Busyness’: Mamamag : February 2015

*Understanding that stress is a normal part of life .. but being able to self-manage our stress when we want to (and need to) is invaluable.
*Introducing two Meditative Exercises that can almost instantly release tension and tightness in body and mind.

Pigeonhole Magazine

‘Each Step a Meditation’: Pigeonhole Magazine : August 2014

*A walking meditation is an excellent practice if you find yourself too restless or energetic to sit in a more formal seated practice, and can be done during your lunch hour or whenever you have a few minutes to just step out.

‘A beginner’s guide to meditation’: The Age : October 2013

*Quoted in The Age after speaking with journalist Amy Molloy on the power of Meditative Exercises to self-manage stress.



Regular columnist (unfortunately business no longer operating)
What is Meditation? (Aug 2011)
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The many Flavours of Meditation (Oct 2011)
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The Half Smile Practice (Dec 2011)
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Mantra Meditation (Apr 2012)
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Spring Sunlight Meditation (Oct 2012)

Healed Newsletter

‘Running and Meditation .. opposites?’: Healed newsletter : October 2011

*For those with a passion for running, or participate in any sport requiring endurance and high-level focus, then it might be time to consider these seven interesting facts about meditation.

‘Success Mindset .. from Caterpillar to Butterfly’ BOSS MENTOR: Renaissance Magazine : September 2009

*Having a regular meditation practice can be invaluable for handling those moments when life serves you a ‘curveball’ .. lessons learned in handling discomfort from the cushion to job redundancy and beyond.