Seasonal living ..
is all about tapping into the wisdom, energy, and lessons of each season. 

Seasonal living ..
acknowledges that there is a Universal law, an undeniable truth, that our inner world
is influenced by our outer world.

I have always been curious and aware of the energetic and sensory changes that each season brings .. the heady frangipani scent Summer and call to be outside and create .. the vibrant orange and red falling leaves in Autumn, a time of clearing and letting go .. to the quiet stillness and solitude of Winter with a pallet of grey upon grey, and then the return of the sun and the sudden burst of glory and enthusiasm for Spring.

Seasonal Living is about observing and seeking alignment with these energetic changes, cultivating a greater awareness and appreciation for the subtle – and not so subtle – changes that occur not only in the world around us, but also within us. And so I have naturally shifted and nourished my meditation practice, and daily rituals, to harmonise with each season.

I live by the beach in Melbourne (Australia) so our journey is rooted in the seasons of the southern hemisphere .. but wherever you are geographically located, within you may be another season.

Summer : 1st December – 28th February
Summer yells at us: be joyful, take action, try something new, party!

Autumn : 1st March – 31st May
Autumn symbolizes: preparation for harvest, a period of intense transition and releasing what is worn.

Winter : 1st June – 31st August
Winter symbolises: reflection, contemplation and retreat.

Spring : 1st September – 30th November
Spring symbolizes: new life, new beginnings, and awakening.

The Seasonal Living eMagazines are my passion project. Loving curated with what I can share from my own seasonal journey, with inspiring content from other well known and loved teachers (and friends) who offer their wisdom, along with a guided meditation, mindfulness practices and daily rituals.

The Seasonal Living eMagazine is only available to subscribers
and is a FREE offering.

Seasonal Living eMag

Each Season:

* Wisdom of the Season

* Rituals for the Equinox or Solstice

* Moon guide

* Seasonal Mindfulness Practice

* Guided Meditation (audio)

* Daily Life Rituals 

* Seasonal wisdom from Qigong, Yoga, Ayurveda and Reflexology

* Essential Oils for the Season

* Optimal Seasonal Eating and recipe

*and often much more ….