I have a long history with essential oils .. way back as a teenager I can remember gathering scents and my mum being annoyed with the constant burning of oils, also candles and incense in my bedroom. She kept telling me to “take them outside“.

In my 20’s I was studying massage therapy and became enthralled by the aromatherapy aspect .. I also began blending my own oils and getting immediate feedback from clients and bodies. Even during my corporate career, at one point I ended up working with a beautiful lady who taught me how to make a personal perfume, use them in a daily ‘oil bath’ and have them at my desk when I needed additional focus and energy.

My renewed interest in essential oils

actually came from my daughter who had been struggling with an ongoing sinus/flu issues. We began doing some research on natural therapies, and she point-blank refused to consider a neti pot, so we went and purchased a diffuser and some oils for sleeping and nasal congestion. After a few weeks of nightly, and then enthusiastic daily, diffusing, my daughter declared her love for the oils. She not only felt better physically but emotionally. And I wasn’t expecting that!

So this morning, in the sunny corner of my study, I took out each of my 12 oils (current stock) with a silent question:

What scent will support my sense of ease and calm today?

Our sense of smell is closely connected to our limbic system, the most primitive and ancient part of the brain which is thought in many traditions to be the seat of our emotions. When an aroma comes to our attention, almost immediately it is relayed to the cortex of the brain where ‘cognitive’ recognition occurs. But before that almost immediate connection, a deeper part of our brain has already been stimulated, and so almost by the time we can name the scent .. our limbic system has already triggered a deeper emotional response.

Inhaling certain essential oils – the art and science of aromatherapy – can directly impact our emotions on a cellular level. That’s why some aroma can cause strong and immediate emotional reactions – because they draw on memories. Within a millisecond we can be straight black to a past event, a person, place or feeling.

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oil

Eager to find a good Aussie supplier for my new essential oils passion, and to share with The Lounge community .. I have been researching what-is-what in the oil world lately, and I am super happy to have found this beautiful, clean and organic product at Eco Modern Essentials who are; based in Sydney and

*Vegan & Cruelty free
*Paraben and SLS free
*at least 95% natural and organic
*TGA compliant, GMP Compliant and Australian Certified Organic

Fun times ahead as I continue to experiment with these precious oils at home, in the office, and in the car. Today, I even found an amazing new way to wear my favorite oils …

the Lava Bead diffuser

As I was making up some new Mothers’ Day Intention Bracelets, using pink jade and black lava beads – I decided to put a SINGLE drop of my AMBIENCE BLEND onto the single black lava bead that sits at the top of the bracelet. I had seen this done before .. but it was my first time!

Lava Rock is a beautiful, strong and porous natural volcanic stone. I found these textural and strong beads on a holiday about five years ago and import them for my bracelets and mala necklaces.

I put ONE drop of the Ambience Blend onto my own bracelet, let it dry on some absorbent paper towel for five minutes, and have now been wearing it all day .. and it is delightful. Walking between rooms, folding the washing, chatting with a neighbor, enjoying lunch in the sun .. and there is this gentle aroma embracing me.

Mothers Day Bracelet
Mothers Day Intention Bracelet

Such a beautiful idea.

Ambience Blend: combines some of my favorites, neroli, sweet orange, geranium, and petitgrain

Neroli: one of the most comforting essential oils, it is restorative and good for times of unexpected stress and shock
Sweet Orange: known for both its uplifting and calming properties
Geranium: helps return us from anxiety to a place of calm while retaining alertness
Petitgrain: promotes a calm environment, reducing stress & anxiety

If you would like to find out more about Eco Modern Essentials – GO HERE

If you would like to receive details about the NEW Mothers Day Intention Bracelet (which will be custom ordered only – $24.99) then – GO HERE