A few months ago I realised life had become much too sedentary. Working at the computer all day and sitting in meditation classes all week was leaving me a little stagnant (mind and body). I also knew that I wanted to commit to a practice that would ‘nourish’ me, not just move me .. something that might reconnect me with a deeper ‘body awareness’.

I spoke my intention into the world and surprise, surprise .. I found Lisa and her local studio. I knew a little about Yin Yoga but had never found a practitioner in Australia. So I signed up .. and now feel totally blessed!

I am in awe of Lisa, her wisdom, knowledge and commitment to body+mind practices .. she has established a beautiful space and is an inspiration as a practitioner and teacher of yoga (Yin, Vinyasa, Yogalates, Pre/Post Natal, Teen and Kids) and also pole dance (beginners to world class competition level). She offers a huge schedule of classes, workshops and private instruction and graciously shared some time to be interviewed! I am delighted to be able to share our discussion with you … learn more at

Tell us about your special Interest (ie. Meditation, Yoga, Wellbeing):
Yoga – a significant influence that I struggle to express with words but experience in an awareness of movement.

How long have you been practicing, or working in this area? Since I became aware of ‘yoga’ – over 10 years.

How did you ‘find’ meditation, and how long have you been practicing meditation?
I did not consciously ‘find’ meditation .. it has been there as a form of awareness that is ‘cultivated’.

Do you have a regular practice – daily, weekly, other?  Yes – moment to moment.

What inspires you to keep meditating .. returning to your practice?  When I become aware.

Why meditate? To cultivate awareness.

Do you have a particular technique(s) that you have found most suitable for you? I have a few and do apply ‘techniques’ that arise. Techniques include ‘yoga’ – walking, pranayama, mudras, kriyas, vertical pole dance. Simply cultivating awareness in the moment.

AM or PM? .. Chair, cushion, stool? Both, generally sitting on floor, vertical pole, asana practice, walking.

Have you a dedicated space for your practice? Yes, home, STUDOM3, outside.

Have you attended a meditation retreat? Yes, yoga retreats and buddhist retreats.

Any favourite books/CDs/Resources that you might share with others? Some that I have experience include person : Sherrie Wade – Book: ‘I am that ..’ – CD : anything by Brijndra – Places :Melbourne Theosophical Society – Music :’Oriental Music for Meditation’

Any thoughts you might share with those who are new to meditation? I do not want to add to your thoughts. Yet one practitioner said to me recently that they will try to forget their mind and I replied that I had no intention of forgetting mine …

7 Random things about you?
1. I have always wanted to share that I thank my husband Matthew for choosing to live with me – THANK YOU 2. Being able to share and communicate MEDITATION & YOGA through the art and science of movement with others inspires me
3. Fun is under rated
4. I value humility
5. ‘I will say a lot of things and 50% will be true and 50% will be untrue I just don’t know which’
6. It would be great to walk around the world
7. I apply this to myself : ‘go in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.