Last night I found myself awake in the early hours, drawn from sleep for a glass of water, and then mesmerized by the sacred light that filled the house .. a reminder of the approaching Full Moon. She looked amazing!

In astrology, the Moon is connected to our intuition, emotions, maternal energy and life potential. It is when the moon is full that we often feel the intensity of all this energy; the Full Moon is a time of increased potency and presence.

Since ancient times, the journey of the moon across our sky has been seen as a sacred time for dream work, divination and spiritual journeying .. it is the moon that encourages us to reflect, reveal and release what is old and unnecessary in our life. The full moon invites us to consider and release – what no longer serves us, what is no longer needed in our life, or any aspects of ourselves that we have outgrown. This is a potent time for recognising new dreams and beginnings. Endings and Beginnings.

We make space for the new by letting go of the old

Ritual: a set of actions, often with symbolic value, performed in a ceremonial manner

A Full Moon Release Ritual is a powerful way to purge what we recognize as no longer adding positive value to our life, or worst still, bringing negativity and unhealthy consequences. Witnessing, writing and then burning your list of regrets, disappointments or hurts is an ancient purifying and cleansing practice that symbolizes and celebrates the letting go, and transition to being ready to emerge new and so making way for new dreams and opportunities to arrive.

Depending on what calls you, you might start with some Full Moon Journaling which I have shared before, to open the door to your intuition and deepest dreams and visions; or alternatively, you may feel that you first need to release the old and worn, with this Full Moon Release Ritual.

Full Moon Release Ritual

*Sacred space: find a quiet place where you can sit in comfort, with paper and pens for writing, perhaps with a candle to mark the ceremony and some music that inspires you.
*Meditate: begin by cultivating a deeper sense of stillness in body and mind. Sitting under the full moon we are truly connected to this moment between earth and sky, but it is fine to simply sense the full moon above you, whether you can see it or not, the energy is still present.
*Ask: when ready, ask yourself, with an open and gentle heart ..

“what can I release .. what is no longer serving me .. what do I need to let go of?”

*Question: pose the question silently to yourself and wait. Do not intellectualize or push for an answer. Ask and then simply sit in stillness, allowing any words, stories or images to arise.
*Write: when you feel ready, take a few deep breaths and begin to write on the piece of paper. I title my page ‘Things to Release’ and jot down in bullet points, but you might prefer to write a letter to the Universe, or draw images or single words .. just be honest and sincere with all that you note down. What thoughts, beliefs, stories, attitudes, relationships, habits or goals are you ready to release from your life?
*Set a time: I would also suggest that you give yourself a defined period of time to write. I have found that sometimes there is a single, jolly big item that clearly needs to be carefully worded, other times, perhaps its a list of niggly realizations or worn-out attitudes that purge onto the page. Do not labor or ruminate.
*Meditate: when you feel that which needs to be heard has been written down, return to a period of meditation and stillness. Release any stories or emotions that may have been stirred, and come back to a place of inner calm and ease.
*Release: the final stage is to release. Ensure you have a safe vessel for burning – I have an earthenware bowl that I put in the bath – and then with hand on heart, release your writings to the flames:

“I release, into the flame, that which I no longer serves me. And so it is.”

*Extinguish: the flames and take a few breaths. You might also rub your hands briskly together before giving a few hearty claps to release attachment or wash your hands in water to cleanse and complete the ritual.

The key to the burning ritual is release – so you must be willing to let go of all attachment and expectations

*Sit in silence: Give thanks to the Moon, Universe and your commitment to releasing and opening to new beginnings. You might also smudge yourself and your environment with some sage to clear stagnant energy.

Use your intuition to guide your own ritual, this is just a suggestion for you as we experience the Scorpio Full Moon tonight (this moon is said to be a good omen for stability and success, and the potency of the full moon lingers for the next two to three days).

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Full Moon Release Ritual

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