What a month it has been.

On the first Sunday in April 2018, I launched the Meditation Collective our weekly group guided meditation classes at the delightful Chi Space and it has been a wonderful, busy, friendly and challenging first month.

The meditation teachers that I have called upon to share their unique voice and instruction, have been amazingly supportive and helpful. I now have inspiring and friendly teachers booked until July .. and several meetings this week and next to secure more.

We will welcome teachers of all traditions and experiences.

Themes for each class have so far included: Mindfulness of the Body, Breath Meditation, Mindful Movement, Meditation for a Busy Mind, and the Neuroscience of Mindfulness.

Chi Space have made all feel very welcome .. it is such a gentle space, and as a dedicated Qigong center, the energy (qi) is very grounding and centering (it is very, very special).  A new heater arrived before the Melbourne Winter started, and so we are super cosy, with easy parking in the street, and the neighbors have been amazingly quiet .. not a murmur. We have welcomed locals and travelers, with an equal share of Monthly Members ($65) who sign up for the whole month of meditation, and Casual Visitors ($20).

The Meditation Collective ‘vision’ is to offer a regular weekly guided meditation with a range of different teachers and techniques, with a focus on restful and effortless meditation. This is a not-for-profit project.

Sitting in a group is a different experience to our solitary personal practice .. and with different voices and practices we can nourish and inspire our own.

Why did I start the Meditation Collective?

Firstly, to support meditators: to provide a regular weekly opportunity to gather in a group for meditation. To experience different teachers, techniques and voices. To meditate with a contemporary flavour, with a focus on releasing, restoring and relaxing.


Then, also to support teachers in developing and sharing their meditation. To invite new teachers and experienced teachers to gather together for learning, and to build community amongst teachers. To fuel their passion to share their unique skill.

And .. because I believe that meditation is a LIFE SKILL that everyone can learn and benefit from!

Already I have been approached about expanding the Meditation Collective to other locations and spaces .. maybe, one day, we will be able to offer a guided meditation space near you!

If you have any family or friends in the Balaclava/St Kilda (VIC) area in Melbourne, please pass on our details .. we would love to meditate with them.


EVERY SUNDAY : 7-8pm : @chispace.com.au