I shared this quote today on my Instagram. Because I had read these words earlier in the morning, and then found myself outside doing some gardening. And I was thinking .. of course, it all seems so simple .. because we all want a beautiful garden of flowers, right?⁣

But, if your a gardener you’ll know that weeds still pop up unexpectedly. ⁣

Weeds fly on the wind, are dropped by passing birds or other animals, and even attach to on our own feet. Think: something we hear that is unkind or judgmental, an unresolved hurt, or something you can’t un-see.⁣

So. To grow flowers – it’s not just a once-off event, you don’t just receive the flowers after planting the seeds .. rather you have to put in some regular care and attention, some consistent effort, if you want to nourish your seeds to flower and especially if you wish to catch and remove those weeds!⁣

Which I thought was a great analogy for our regular meditation practice ..

meditation is our gardening time!

⁣Each time we meditate, we are tending to our mind; caring for the sweet little flower seeds, making sure they are nourished and given all the right elements to thrive .. AS WELL AS carefully watching for potential weeds so we can remove them before they take over!⁣

⁣If you don’t meditate regularly then .. well, you know what you will come back to find? a gnarly and overgrown mess 🌱 that will take a lot more effort and frustration to clear.⁣

⁣Meditate. Daily. For. Flowers.⁣