Autumn the season of transition.

As I tentatively make exciting plans to return to in-person classes and the joy of building my Seasonal Lounge community, I have come face-to-face with having a limited amount of time and energy .. and, just as the tree must loose it’s leaves so that the light can shine through, I feel that same lesson unfolding in my life.

Guided by my passion for Seasonal Mindfulness in my meditation practice and daily life, and knowing that the greatest harmony and balance in life comes from aligning with the energetic ‘flavour’ of the seasons .. I have set a new course for one of my longest offerings.

The first Monday Meditation Musing that I shared with the new (to me) online world was in December 2009 – over ten years ago! And I can still taste that sense of utter fear and excitement as I pressed SEND on those very personal musings and my wish for them to find those who might benefit.

And it has indeed been a wonderful journey with over 600 musings shared and many friendships build; and that very small tentative seed has grown into a substantial tree. This Autumn feels the right time for her to shed some leaves and make space for new growth.

Transitioning ahead!

The new version of the Meditation Musings will be birthed on Sunday 2nd May. Again .. I am feeling the nervousness but also the energy of new beginnings. Welcome …

Monthly Meditation Musing

*Monthly Meditation Musing: the new Musing will be a monthly email released on the first Sunday of each month and will include some tips on the Seasonal Mindfulness qualities that will influence our month.

*Seasonal alignment : each month will follow the Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar with a unique theme, and then if you wish to explore the themes more deeply, you can join us in the Seasonal Lounge for four weeks of aligned practices and rituals.

*Guided Meditation : there will now be a guided meditation for us to practice throughout the month offered as a video/audio (on YouTube so I can share some seasonal images from my little home by the bay) and also just audio (Soundcloud).

Sunday 2nd May : the season of Letting Go!

Are you on the list? Monthly Meditation Musing is a FREE monthly email. Join us!

My hope is that this new format will continue to entice, support and nourish your personal practice, and to make you a little more curious and aware of the energetic nuances of each seasons as it flows and changes around, and within you .. and that you continue to experience some of the gifts of a regular meditation practice:

* learning to self manage stress

* build focus and concentration

* tap into greater creativity and sweet intuition

* improve your sleep and immune system

* gain a greater sense of overall wellbeing

* find joy (even happiness) in simple pleasures 

* feel more connected with yourself and the world around you

Keep an eye out for the first Monthly Meditation Musing on Sunday 2nd May .. and the art of Letting Go!