This is possibly my favourite time of the year. Like settling into one long, deep, restful and unfolding PAUSE .. before the arrival of a fresh New Year. Like the pause at the end of your breath, where you can rest in complete ease and openness until your body calls you to BREATHE IN again.

In the midst of time suspended, the body quiet and still, the mind open and receptive, the spirit casting magic and weaving dreams.

I have always felt this. I have always known this pause in space and time. I carry a quiet yearning for its potentness throughout the year .. these few precious nothing-days that naturally arise after all the rush and crushing yang energy of the festive holiday season .. when I can consciously avoid any further outward draining ‘energy-sucks’ and feel strong in declining social invitations.

Do you feel it too?

I joyfully lean into these few precious hours, moment or days to PAUSE … and when the whirling settles and time begins to stretch .. I then begin to hear the quieter whispers of my heart. She is often out-shone by the noise, the doing, the busyness and the daily toil. She waits quietly and patiently (although, not always) for some spaciousness and silence where she might truly be heard and digested .. coming out into the light.

New beginnings can, of course, be present in any moment .. in any breath .. in any moment that you consciously choose to pause and take check-in. This time of year, however, there is a potent energy that grabs our attention and prods us gently .. when impossible dreams seem more possible and palpable.

When the veil between the seen and the dream is at its thinnest.

Meditation is the #lifetool that best supports me in finding refuge on a daily basis .. so that I can listen and connect with my deepest heart’s desire. And journaling is the way I call in those dreams. Handwriting has been shown to unleash creativity and it activates large regions of the brain responsible for healing and working memory, increasing neural activity in certain sections of the brain similar to meditation.

What is calling you?

What dreams are nudging you right now?

How does 2020 look like in your wildest, kindest and happiest dreams?

I am a meditator and I am a meditation teacher. My role in this life is to share my passion for meditation with the world .. one breath at a time.

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Join me.

Sarah Quiet Mind Meditation