The wisdom of Autumn is the power of Letting Go.

And while Letting Go is never easy, until we release what is no longer needed – there is no room for growth. Right now, with the birth of The Meditation Box, I am surrounded by boxes, papers, receipts, products (oh, such wonderful products), ribbons and stickers. It’s such an exciting time but I am feeling there is a lump of ‘stuff’ hanging around and feeling heavy. So I have decided (yesterday) to start Letting Go!


I am a Gemini and for my birthday gift to myself is to let go and allow some space for new growth and new beginnings. LIMITED AVAILABILITY + ONLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA.

The Meditation ‘Foundation’ Box

15% OFF – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL – closes 30th MAY


a seasonal subscription box providing products + experiences to guide you to start meditating, and inspire you to continue. 

There are a range of subscription options: 1 season, 3 seasons + 5 seasons (a full seasonal year).

sandalwood bracelets

Open Heart Meditation Intention Bracelet

The Open Heart Meditation Intention Bracelet is a visual reminder to pause, take a breath and turn your focus inward .. cultivating mindfulness and awareness. Made from Sandalwood and Black Lava beads with Thai silver lotus charm.

SALE $27.50 (incl. postage)

ocean coloured mala

Decorative Mala – Ocean

Decorative mala-style necklace to enjoy wearing out in the world. Hand knotted with sandalwood and varied beads .. reflecting the colors of the ocean. Two available. SALE $24.50 (incl. postage).

*small 4-6mm beads
*Double knotted, white string
*Ice green tassel with 2 smaller mid-way tassels
*Length (tip to tip) approx. 61cm

Mala Rudraksha + black tassel

Decorative Rudraksha Mala necklace

Rudraksha beads with three large white/pearlised beads and black tassel. Eight available. SALE $24.50 (incl. postage).

*8mm rudraksha beads
*3x 10mm decorative white beads
*Double knotted, black string
*Black tassel
*Length (tip to tip) approx. 61cm

mala pink coral tassel

‘108’ Mala (Rudraksha + Coral Tassel)

Traditional 108 mala. Rudraksha are known to safeguard the wearer from negative energies. Eight available. SALE $24.50 (incl. postage).

*8mm beads
*Coral/pale pink tassel
*Double knotted

mala black gold

‘108’ Mala (Black Rudraksha + Gold Tassel)

Traditional 108 mala. Rudraksha are known to safeguard the wearer from negative energies. Two available. SALE $24.50 (incl. postage).

*108 x 8mm beads
*Gold/pale straw coloured tassel (image doesn’t capture)
*Double knotted, gold thread

Meditation Cushions

Lovingly used in classes and retreats but in excellent condition. Only available in Black. Will have to be collected/delivered from Sandringham (Melb. Aust).

6x Buckwheat Meditation Cushions – $40 (rrp $65)

3x Dense Cotton Yoga Bolsters – $35 (rrp $60)

HeartfulnessCards on SALE


I designed these beautiful cards to share the joy and power of cultivating the qualities of Heartfulness: love, kindness, compassion, joy, connection, patience and of course much more! This deck of 108 single-word cards are part of my morning ritual giving me a focus or inner mantra that I can take out into the world .. to see and choose and act differently. SALE $25.99 (rep $32.99)

*108 single-word cards
*carry bakeag
*‘How to use your Cards’ downloadable 4-page (pdf)
* guided meditation ‘Cultivating Heartfulness’ (audio)

Four Steps Online

Four Steps (4-week online)

Meditation for Beginners

Four Steps that provide a solid foundation for enjoying and sustaining a regular meditation practice. Each step guides us effortlessly inward and each step can be adapted to ensure it fits YOU! SALE $140

Jul 10 to 31st   |  7PM to 8:30PM

4-week course. Sunday evenings. ONLINE.

This is my first real SALE and I hope you find something that calls to you. These lovely pieces have been stored away (yes, covid!) after being sourced from a small business in Bali during my last visit. Time for these lovelies to find a new home.

Please let me know if you have any questions –