The Winter Retreat 2021 edition of my Seasonal Living eMag was released into the world on the 1st June .. because here in the southern hemisphere the 1st of the month marks the start of the season.

The Seasonal Living eBooks are my passion project and are released four times each year, and offer a range of practices, meditations, rituals and insights from various wisdom traditions .. to enhance our experience and understanding of each season’s gifts!

The Season of Winter is just like a soothing afternoon nap .. the darkness invites us to shift inside and rest, to embrace the slower pace, to reflect on the solar year past, and prepare for the Winter Solstice that will mark the slow turn back toward the sun, and shortly after the arrival of Spring.

The Winter Retreat 2021 edition is a bumper 40+ page PDF download and includes:

* the Wisdom of Winter
* Seasonal Mindfulness Practices
* Guided Winter Stillness Meditation (audio)
* Daily Life Practices to embrace Winter’s gifts
*Seasonal produce and my favourite Winter recipe
*Essential Oil blends for weathering the cold
PLUS from my amazing friends and wise teachers:

Winter Ayurveda with Suzi von Mensenkampf. Often referred to as the sister science to yoga, Ayurveda is the oldest model of holistic health care and dates back three to five thousand years. In Sanskrit, Ayur means ‘life’ and veda means ‘science’ – translating as the ‘science of life’.

I also interviewed Suzi to find our more about her meditation journey .. and how she became an Ayurvedic Consultant, Meditation Mentor and Creator of life changing retreats to India and Bhutan.

Winter Yoga with Jennifer Ellinghaus. Jennifer is a life long traveler, yoga teacher, and author of ‘Yoga for Travellers’. Jenny was my wonderful partner in Bliss Bomb Retreats which offered seasonal urban retreats around Melbourne for a few years. In this article, Jenny shares some tips on how to practice our yoga when it’s cold or the only space you can find is outside in the cold.

Winter Qigong with Nicole Lee. Nicole shares her passion for Qigong, the ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. The literal translation of Qigong is “energy work” and Nicole share a video from her current Awakening Qigong video series and can also join the Nicole Lee Qigong Online Studio so you con’t need to leave the warmth and comfort of home to enjoy the practice.

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