I’m going to have a little rave moment .. a fan moment here!⁣

This App!⁣


This week in ‘the Seasonal Lounge’ (monthly meditation membership) – I shared the magic of the Mindfulness Bell .. which is a bell that you often hear at meditation centers, retreats and ashrams.⁣

When the Mindfulness Bell is rung .. everyone pauses what they are doing momentarily so they can reunite mind and body, see the moment more clearly and perhaps reflect on where their mind has been!⁣

So. I was doing some fresh research to find an App version that I could confidently offer to everyone for our Mindfulness practice this week (and beyond).⁣

I revisited Plum Village as I had used their online Mindfulness Bell before .. and found an App that I excitedly downloaded and set up immediately.⁣

And over the past few weeks .. it has been the most beautiful gift to myself 🙏🏼 ⁣

Our theme this month of June is Retreat .. and every hour, my phone chimes a deep and resonate Mindfulness Bell and I pause what I am doing and take a moment of RETREAT with three long, slow and deep breaths.⁣

Mindfulness Bell on App

Completely in the moment. ⁣

A priceless moment of Retreat in a busy day.⁣

And although I have my twice daily meditation practice and regular daily Mindfulness exercises … this has been a revelation.

A gift!⁣

It is FREE. Easy to set up – just click the lotus flower and select your times and preferred bell – and then enjoy returning to yourself, each and every mindful moment from that point on. ⁣

I come back to my day – refreshed, awake, alert and with a smile.⁣

I just had one of those moments and realized that I had to share with YOU.