Class 3 of our Exploring Meditation Program is where we have a chance to explore the luscious world of Mantra!

I say luscious because the practice of silently repeating a mantra (or powerful words) can be a really beautiful practice ..

Mantra practice is rhythmic and clear in its message, it massages us from the inside, weaving its way through the breath and body ..

We began with a review of the week past .. experiences and questions. Then we tried a series of Meditative Exercises combined together to move us into a longer meditation experience.  This is a great way to shift to a longer practice when we have the opportunity, without making a big fuss about setting aside time (because we all complain about not having enough time) .. but if you find you have a moment for a Meditative Exercise and find yourself really settling and relaxing, then I would encourage you to just continue on the journey .. repeat, repeat, repeat .. as long as feels comfortable.

It is always great at this point to hear about various personal insights after two weeks of meditation practice .. how suddenly we become much more aware of the nature of our breath, of where stress might be ‘held’ in the body and mind, and how powerful a somewhat simple meditative Exercise can be on our mood and flavour of our day .. so wonderful to share these experiences and know that we are on the right path ..

Mantra meditation is probably one of the most common meditation techniques found across the world today. In mantra we simply rest our attention on a short word, phrase or sound, repeated over and over .. aloud or repeated silently in the mind. As we repeat the mantra our breathing slows and becomes more rhythmic, our mind fixes on the sounds/vibrations, and the repetition stills and centres. When the word has significance it also starts to work on a deeper level, so that our mind might resonate with the meaning, instilling a deeper understanding and association with the chosen words.

Mantra can become like a catchy tune .. enveloping us in a rhythm that floats through the mind and body .. like humming a lullaby. In our class we explored a very popular and well known mantra from the Hindu tradition ‘So Hum’ .. often referred to as the ‘breath song’ .. as the vibrations of the mantra follow the natural sounds of the breath.

the breath song .. how luscious indeed! [You can view some notes on Class 1 and Class 2 here]

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