Continuing with some of our artisan meditation gifts for family, friends and yourself.

The Gift of Peace .. with meditation

Today, I would like to share ..

Gifts to Wear

It all started with our ..

Grounding Intention Bracelet ($29.95) Made with black lava beads from Bali, a stone that repels negativity with a grounding quality that comes from being created deep within the earth. Think: “May I be strong, grounded in clarity and protected from negativity”

The Meditation Intention Bracelets are designed to be worn as a visual reminder of our intention to meditate .. a gentle whisper to return to your breath and the present moment.

Other styles are now included in the range (all $29.95): Love (pink jade beads), Calming (white hoplite) and Open Heart (sandalwood).

Meditation Intention Bracelets Trio Bali  Pink Jade Bracelet