little while ago, I sent out a survey to find out what held people back from meditation?

I don’t know where to start
I think too much and I am always exhausted
I don’t want to do it alone
I don’t know what would help me
I feel like I need someone to sit with me to work through it all
I need a spelled out plan to follow to get started
It seems to woowoo for me
I don’t know if I am doing it right

I hear you.

When I learnt to meditate (some 20+ years ago) I devoured as many books as I could, and was lucky enough to regularly attend a local Buddhist centre. Over the years I have continued to attend classes, retreats and different meditation teachers and settings .. giving me a solid foundation of understanding, community and support, to continue my passion for sharing meditation.

I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn.

The Exploring Meditation course is designed to share the many insights, wisdom and knowledge I have gained from my journey .. in a straightforward, secular and practical program!

Easy bite-size steps

I focus on providing a solid foundation of knowledge around the how and the why of meditation, with an appreciation of the art and the science. My aim is to share sound and practical advice on some of the challenges in starting and maintaining a regular meditation practice, and I provide weekly notes and resources to take home .. along with a dedicated weekly time and space for group meditation practice. All the support, encouragement and motivation you need to get started.

So .. is it time you learnt to meditate?

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, finding stress to be a growing concern for you, wishing you had a little more time, clarity and spaciousness to enjoy life, or just interested in finding out more about this thing called ‘meditation’ then JOIN US.

Places are now open for our August 18th
Exploring Meditation course
(4 week in Brighton)

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