There is no doubt that meditation and self-care practice support our health and wellbeing. You know this. Ancient traditions and modern science know this.
Healing is, to a large extent, in our hands. 


I have no doubt that my wellbeing is in MY HANDS. So each morning I when take my seat to meditate, I know on a really deep level that I am actively honouring my wellness and my intention to live a good life. I know that I am taking active responsibility for ensuring there is enough of a balance in my wellbeing ‘fund’ to sustain me through life’s inevitable ups and downs.. with some tucked away for rainy days.

October is Healing

I call this my Wellness Account.

And, like all investment accounts, it is up to me to commit to a savings plan and continue to focus on building my account; ensuring that I make regular deposits and grow a healthy balance, even when sometimes I would rather splurge or enjoy moments of short term fun (sleeping in or enjoy a late night).

Meditation, mindfulness and rituals are all a part of my strategy for building my Wellness Account.

If you feel called to expand your sense of wellbeing and explore some meditative tools for ‘Healing’ .. join me for a month of healing practices including meditation, mindfulness, and rituals gained from a range of different traditions.

From ancient healing traditions and modern science we know that the stillness that we cultivate in meditation can offer our mind and body a space to begin healing. It is only when we relax the body and slow down, that we can reset and rest our nervous system, bringing the body back into balance, freeing up our inner resources and our capacity to heal.

I believe that meditation is our most powerful healing tool

Why October? Spring is the season of awakening and blossoming .. bringing bountiful energy and reconnection with the world around and within us.

Spring calls us outside to dance, play and engage, and quite naturally we find ourselves assessing and recommitting to our self-care practices, so we might heal and blossom in the sunshine and in readiness for Summer.

October is our time to explore the wisdom of renewal and rebirth through Healing meditation practices, mindfulness exercises, journaling, breathwork, and sacred ritual.

Do you need some healing tools in your life toolbox?

Keen to establish a daily practice that supports the health of mind, body and spirit?

Does your Wellness Account need an upgrade?

Then ‘Healing’ in October is for you!

What Do We Do?

We start Monday 4th October

Each day (Mon-Fri) you will receive an email with a Healing practice and focus for that day. The time commitment is approximately 5 minutes (to review the content) and then 5-20 minutes to do the practice. Some practices may only take a few minutes, others you may wish to expand into the time you have available, or revisit a couple of times each day .. this is your practice and you can adapt to your needs and interests.

Weekends are email free! giving you the space and time to reflect and commit to the practices that have resonated with you through the week. Find what you need .. start there!

There will be a mixture of meditation practices, mindfulness exercises, rituals, journal prompts, mindful movement sequences, and traditional wisdoms. Some of our Healing practices this October will include:

* healing guided meditation and meditative exercise
* the chakra system for healing
* the wisdom of discomfort
* heart centered breathwork
* yogic sleep (Yoga Nidra)
* mindful movement, qigong and song
* the power of merit and mudra
* cultivating kindness

This is a self-guided journey into ‘Healing’ with no pressure to join anything or attend anything .. rather, these precious jewels are offered so you might find what you need for your own Healing.

Who am I?

For the past twelve years I have been sharing my passion for meditation and mindfulness, and in recent years this has been through the beautiful lens of Seasonal Mindfulness.

#SeasonalMindfulness is a term that I coined to describe my own personal experience of deepening my meditation practice, and finding more joy and ease in daily life, when guided by the wisdom of the seasons. I found there were meditation practices that resonated powerfully in Spring, and others that were simply magical and insightful in Winter. I call this Seasonal Mindfulness.

I learned to meditate as a teenager, you can find out more about my meditation journey here and more about Seasonal Mindfulness here.