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Daily Offerings Of Gratitude

Bali offerings

Welcome to Bali! Each day (in fact some times, three times a day) the Balinese Hindus prepare small offering baskets called ‘canang sari’ which are placed everywhere you can think of .. throughout the yard around the home/villa, the entrance to shops and markets, before statues and even on busy street corners to aid protection […]

Bali Magic

Finns Beach Bali

We are back home .. in Melbourne. And yet I feel I have had to also leave home. My magical Bali home .. This holiday was a long anticipated dream that finally came together at the last moment.  Along with my teenager and a few special friends I have spent the last few weeks soaking […]

Meditation This Morning

Bali Villa 2015

This is where I meditated this morning. By the pool .. sitting quietly with the sound of running water, smell of frangipani and warm tropical breeze on my skin. And the mozzies! Sitting with the beautiful and the annoying .. the mish mash of life in the moment Having a regular meditation practice allows me […]