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Meditation at Work

corporate meditation onsite

Why Introduce Meditation to your team? Organisations are now, more than ever, aware of the need to support the physical and mental health of their employees. Is it any wonder that some of the most creative, innovative and inspiring global organisations have embraced meditation instruction for their teams .. think, Microsoft, Google, Boeing … When […]

Onsite Meditation

Onsite Meditation

What type of classes? We can provide a range of meditation workshops or classes to support your organisational wellness program including: A Taste of Meditation A 30 to 90 minute session that delivers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of meditation, a practical meditative exercise (designed to immediately release stress), and a deeply relaxing guided meditation practice; […]

Meditation To Work Smarter

Working Smarter Corporate Research Meditation

New research from INSEAD and The Wharton School, to be published in Feb issue of Psychological Science (journal of the Association for Psychological Science) – has shown that one 15-minute focused-breathing meditation may help people make smarter choices. Across a series of studies it was found that mindfulness meditation, which cultivates awareness of the present […]

The Split-Screen

Truly excellent article by Arianna Huffington from The Huffington Post Media Group this week on LinkedIn (you can follow Arianna via groups). The article provides an insight into the American ‘split-screen’ world where stressful work life and focus on the bottom line is meeting a growing awareness of the costs of stress, not just in […]

The Mind Business

A recent article from the Financial Times Magazine that introduces us to some international organisations that have introduced meditation to their team. * General Mills have their ‘Mindful Leadership’ program * Google the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ program * Target have a group called ‘Meditating Merchants’. As William George, Goldeman Sachs board member says, “The main […]

Meditation & Multi-tasking

busy multi-tasking corporate stress

A study from the University of Washington Information School professors David Levy and Jacob Wobbrock suggests that meditation training can help people working with information stay on tasks longer with fewer distractions and also improves memory and reduces stress. “To our knowledge, this is the first study to explore how meditation might affect multitasking in […]

Turbo-Charge The People In Your Organiza...

Dr Oz Show Meditation

Elevated Existence magazine reported recently that Dr Mehmet Oz (this is televised on Channel 7 in Australia) is now offering Transcendental Meditation (TM) to his entire NY-based production team. Over recent months there has been a steady stream of high-profile celebrities ‘talking the talk’ on TM, most notably Oprah whose support of the technique flooded […]