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#5 of 52 Reasons Why


Welcome! As a long-time meditator (25+ years) and meditation teacher for more than 12 years, I am on a mission to inspire you to start meditating. So, each week (in 2021) I will be sharing one reason why you should start meditating. Now, I know there are way more  than 52 good and important reasons […]


Now I am getting excited. Just off a call with Sarah McLean, my teacher and Director of McLean Meditation Institute .. and .. I’M GOING TO WISOM 2.0!⁣ ⁣“Wisdom 2.0 is a conference tackling one of the biggest challenges of today’s age. Connect through technology, but do so in a way that supports a person’s […]

#7 – Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips Meditation Daily Life

Happy New Year!! Have you been back at the desk for a while already? or, perhaps you are still on holiday? Here in Australia most of us tend to take BIG holidays at this time because it’s Summer, it’s hot and we are an island surrounded by luscious oceans and sandy beaches. Well, that’s my […]

Quiet Office Time

When I worked in the corporate sector .. I would often put my hand up for the ‘skeleton staff’ shift between Christmas and the second week of January. I really enjoyed the quietness, the opportunity to get sorted and get started on creative projects. I would clean out my files to make room for new […]

Meditation & Creativity

quote creativity meditation

Great article received today from Artshub: “How meditation helped my creative practice: 8 artists share tips”. Wonderful to read about the different experiences with meditation, and the impact on personal creativity, from eight very different Australian artists. Including David Jones, professional percussionist who teaches meditation at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation centre in Fitzroy, who I have […]

#4 Top 10 Tips

I want to share with you my Tip #4 for bringing meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. This is one key exercise that I make sure that I share in all of my Corporate Meditation classes – because within the corporate world, doing this one Mindfulness practice can bring amazing benefits to the individual […]