What type of classes?
We can provide a range of meditation workshops or classes to support your organisational wellness program including:

A Taste of Meditation
A 30 to 90 minute session that delivers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of meditation, a practical meditative exercise (designed to immediately release stress), and a deeply relaxing guided meditation practice; so that everyone has an opportunity to experience a greater sense of calmness and peacefulness. Suitable for a lunchtime, part of a conference program or a team building session.

Introduction to Meditation
A more detailed meditation program that usually runs from 6 to 8 weeks, meeting as a group once per week, a shorter version can be provided in a half-day or three-hour workshop. This course looks further into the ‘art and science’ of meditation and includes:
* a deeper look at the ‘art and science’ of meditation and the key principles and benefits of a regular meditation practice
* introduction to a variety of Meditative Exercises(practices that take just a few minutes to break the cycle of building stress and anxiety)
* introduction to more traditional and longer Meditation practices which may include: Body Awareness,Breath Awareness,Mantra,Mindfulness and Visualisation
* time for those FAQ ~ challenges and antidotes
* handouts are provided to take home and play with

So .. what about the logistics?
Classes can designed to meet most timeframes and employee requirements. No specific room equipment is required, other than a space that can be somewhat private (although this is not necessary for ongoing practice) and some seating (we prefer to use chairs although participants can bring their own meditation cushion/stool). All materials, handouts and tools are supplied.

To discuss your on site requirements please contact Sarah at sarah@quietmind.com.au