Last week, Monday to Friday and twice a day (9am and 4pm) I sat down to share a Meditative Exercise on Instagram LIVE. Did you tune in?

This was a new experience. It was scary and exciting.

And then as soon as the final Friday practice was over .. I realized that I enjoyed this unique opportunity to connect, never knowing who was going to show up and do the practices with me, and the rhythm it gave to my day .. the joy of simply doing the exercises together, and bookending our day’s together.

The purpose of these short LIVE sessions was to share some short and practical, but truly powerful exercises for those who might be new to meditation, or really, anyone who might have been searching for a way to hit PAUSE .. to calm and to find stillness during this most challenging time.

These exercises are drawn from more traditional meditation practices, and informed by scientific research .. and they can have an almost immediate positive influence on how you are feeling. Plus, they provide an insight into some of the elements of a more formal practice .. which I hope inspires YOU to explore how you might begin a personal meditation practice and experience some of the benefits you have probably heard about:

*stress management ~ for sure!
*creativity and an improved sense of wellbeing ~ of course!
*a deeper sense of self and your connection with yourself and the universe – oh yes!

I have today downloaded the final day of my LIVE share .. this exercise is my personal favourite, The Sacred Pause Meditative Exercise. I will try to make the other four day’s available next week.

These are short but potent exercises to invite a deeper sense of calm and ease .. even in just a few minutes.

Take what you need to bring these meditative moments to life .. in YOUR LIFE.

.. with gratitude for the technology to share and stay connected.