Last weekend I presented an Introduction to Meditation at a Wellness Workshop for business women.

The workshop aimed to provide some simple strategies to better deal with life’s challenges and demands and included a session from Mary (Soul Revolution) discussing life balance, and Joelene (JSB Kitchen) preparing wholesome and healthy daily meals.

And I wondered how to best integrate the importance of the MIND in our wellness practices; until I found this definition from the University of California:

Definition of Wellness

“Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth”

Think: Active. Aware. Choices. Process. 

Which is just so wonderfully similar to the key elements of Meditation that I wanted to share.

MEDITATION is also PRACTICE  (or process) that supports and develops our AWARENESS to help us make the best CHOICES for a healthy and fulfilling LIFE.

MEDITATION Is also a dynamic process of change and growth!

We maintain a regular meditation practice in order to cultivate a greater awareness of our mind and body, as well as our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which influence our emotional, physical and spiritual health – and our choices.

Mind & Body Wellness

As you know, I believe meditation is a life tool that everyone can learn.

Many of us invest in our wellness through the food we purchase and consume, and our regular exercise, such as going to the gym or yoga .. in order to maintain a healthy BODY

but our other invaluable resources .. is our MIND!

A healthy, content and spacious mind is what we depend on for our creativity, knowledge, dreams and goals, insights, problem solving, joyousness and sense of connection with the world.

Our mind also needs to be exercised, rested and refreshed

If you are new to meditation or seeking to reconnect with your practice, for greater wellness and connection in life .. join us for our next 31 Day Quiet Mind Meditation eCourse which starts 1st JULYMORE DETAILS HERE

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