Not sure where to start with meditation?

Looking for a practical and effective tool to de-stress?

Meditative Exercises are short but powerful exercises that can quickly and effectively reduce stress and rising anxiety. With practice, these exercises will provide you with a tool to self-manage stress and tension whenever you wish or need to.

Meditative Exercises are also an excellent starting point for meditation.

And, I have just released a new digital course to teach you
SEVEN Meditative Exercises in SEVEN days!

Background: I learned to meditate when I was a teenager, so I have had meditation a part of my life, for most of my life. I am always asked, how do I maintain my sense of calm and ease, when life is pure chaos? What keeps me so ‘grounded’ when things were seriously turning to s#$%?

#My secret is .. I meditate.
Twice a day, every day, rain, hail and shine.

Short but powerful: Meditative Exercises are shorter practices that are grounded in traditional meditation practice and informed by scientific research. You can begin with just a few minutes each day, gaining confidence as you begin to appreciate and enjoy the sense of calm and ease that you can cultivate. With practice, these will be integrated into your daily life (doing a quick practice while waiting for the bus, before a meeting or before bed and sleep). And then, when you are seeking a deeper experience of peacefulness you will have the formula to extend your exercises into a longer meditative experience.

Outside of my formal seated meditation, I find immense value and power in taking regular moments throughout my day to pause and do a Meditative Exercise .. this helps me release any building stress and come back to a place of balance and ease.

Meditative Exercises are a great place to start if:

*you’ve tried formal seated meditate and found it overwhelming and infuriating but you appreciate the value in learning to meditate
*would like some easily accessible tools for releasing stress and tension
*are interested in starting with some smaller steps and gaining a better understanding of some of the key elements of a traditional meditation practice
*not sure where to start .. but you wish to start.

It’s a Challenge: 

The challenge is to practice SEVEN Meditative Exercises over SEVEN DAYS. These exercises are simple enough to learn .. but you have to DO the exercises to experience the benefits. And with practice, you will have a range of new tools in your life toolbox to release stress and tension.

The 7-Day Meditative Exercises Challenge includes:

  • Five Meditative Exercises (audio) you can listen online or download and take them with you
  • Two Extended Practices (audio) to experience the benefits of a longer practice
  • Written instructions a how-to guide with additional tips and insights
  • A SEVEN-day calendar a visual reminder of your intention to DO the exercises which you can tick/gold star as part of a reward system
7 Day Challenge