A recent national poll commissioned by Lifeline Australia found that 91% of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives, and more alarmingly, 41% of Australians indicated they were experiencing unhealthy levels of stress.

Research into meditation continues to show a wide range of mental and physical benefits that can result from a regular meditation practice. Regular meditators tend to be calmer and happier than their counterparts, with greater access to creativity and concentration.

Many Australian organisations have also started to include meditation instruction into their Employee Wellness Initiatives or Health Programs.

I recently read a very interesting article “10 Big Companies That Promote Employee Meditation” from OnlineMBA .. here are just some of the global organisations leading the way in promoting on-the-job meditation:

Steve Jobs was interested in Zen meditation and shared his love of meditation by allowing employees of the tech giant to take 30 minutes each day to meditate at work, providing classes on meditation and yoga on-site, and offering the use of a meditation room.

One of Google’s original software engineers and now head of personal growth, Chade-Meng Tan, has been working hard to bring meditation into the workplace. Tan spearheaded a program at Google in 2007 called “Search Inside Yourself” which helped more than 500 employees learn how to breathe mindfully, listen to their co-workers, and improve their emotional intelligence. The company believes that meditation can help improve not only employee mental health and well-being but the company’s bottom line.

McKinsey & Co.
McKinsey partner and meditation aficionado Michael Rennie says, “What’s good for the spirit is good for the bottom line,” and the company is taking that to heart, developing meditation and self-analysis programs not only for their own employees but for other multi-million dollar corporations as well. In one case, a meditation program developed by McKinsey for an Australian client saved the business more than $20 million.

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank is yet another multinational business getting behind the meditation-in-the-workplace trend .. offering meditation classes and quiet spaces on site for several years, hoping that it will help to reduce worker stress and lead to more level-headed thinking.

Procter & Gamble
P&G’s CEO A.G. Lafley is dedicated to his own meditation practice and thinks it has a lot to offer employees as well. He has said, “You can not out-work a problem, you have to out-meditation it.”

Are you doing it? Has your organisation explored meditation to improve employee wellbeing and manage stress?