I have been busy over the past few months bringing to life a little seed of an idea that I had many years ago.

That little seed held much promise but also needed a bigger space to grow; so it has been through times of intense attention, and then left alone for long periods to quietly germinate .. nourished in my own meditation practice and daily life.

Now, I would like to introduce :

The Meditation Box

“a seasonal subscription box providing mindfully chosen products and experiences to guide you to start a personal meditation practice, and inspire you to continue. Each box will have a unique theme and include – a meditation BOOK (from a range of authors and traditions), 4-5 PRODUCTS for meditation inspiration (through the gateway of the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) and access to an online learning hub and community of meditators.

The Foundation Box is designed to support the development of a stable and solid foundation for meditation and will be shipped 6th June 2022.

Right now, there is a Founding Members special offer just launched – open until 4th May – with a beautiful gift, an audio program to get started, and a discount on the first box.

*ONLY available in Australia*

If this tickles your curiosity (a highly regarded trait in meditation) then please come visit: