Feeling pretty blessed today .. in fact, I have been almost hyper aware of gratitude and being blessed for the last few weeks as I spent time travelling with my teen, just the two of us, in Bali.

The cold Melbourne weather at this time of year tends to divide us locals into two camps: you are either (1) a snow team member .. which I was up till my 30’s, or (2) a sun worshipper .. which means at this time of year you head north (anywhere north, but Bali is magnificent and local).

The native Balinese community, largely Hindu population, continue to embrace and share with us, some stunningly beautiful ceremonies and rituals .. such as the three times daily canang sari (offering baskets) which can be found everywhere, on doorsteps, windowsills, entrances to shops and at the feet of statues and aid protection and give thanks.  You can read a little more about my previous trip to Bali and canang sari here

You will also see many Balinese holding (often on their head while navigating the traffic on motorbike) the beautiful keben, woven and decorative baskets that also hold offerings to the gods, along with being used for storage.

I have one very special keben at home that I purchased on my very first trip to Bali over twelve years ago, and this time I purchased another set of baskets as a reminder to pause and be grateful for every moment in life is a good one to celebrate!

Offerings Bali Canang Sari Offerings Bali Canang Sari