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Joy Practices

Science tells us that having a positive attitude has a direct connection with happiness and success. Meditation is my ‘go-to’ tool for cultivating clarity, creativity, joy and happiness But there are times when life can get so busy, and move so fast, that we forget the many simple and momentous happy moments that really do […]


Bali Baskets Offerings Keben

Feeling pretty blessed today .. in fact, I have been almost hyper aware of gratitude and being blessed for the last few weeks as I spent time travelling with my teen, just the two of us, in Bali. The cold Melbourne weather at this time of year tends to divide us locals into two camps: […]

When To Meditate

Sunrise by Unsplash

In meditation class this week a student asked .. “when is the best time to meditate?” I say .. any time.  Any. Time.  Just sit.  Just meditate. However within the ancient meditation traditions we find there is a definite leaning towards building a regular meditation practice around the ‘magic hours’ .. around the rise and […]