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Each Wednesday (just before lunchtime in Melbourne, Australia) I share a short and sweet weekly mindfulness exercise – designed to motivate and inspire you to take a few moments during your lunch break to cultivate presence, connection and awareness.

Life is busy. We are all busy. But taking just a few moments to PAUSE and BREATHE can be empowering and life changing (maybe even, enlightening)

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Lunchtime Enlightenment #34

This week we shall explore ..


Did you know that 3M’s Arthur Fry came up with the idea for the Post-it Note while daydreaming in church?

Research has shown that daydreaming, and allowing periods of time for our mind to freely wander, can result in higher scores on creativity tests.

Daydreaming is different from meditation, because instead of emptying our mind, we allow it to fill up with random thoughts – the trick is to remain aware enough to recognise any insights or ideas when they come (being mindful).

During lunch break this week, take a daydream walk – stroll outside with the intention bring a greater sense of awareness to what ideas and thoughts are moving through your mind.

Allow thoughts to bubble up into your conscious awareness .. about dinner tonight, the kids, holiday plans, work issues .. whatever you want. You might take a notebook with you so you can jot down any ideas released while you are in the flow.


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