There have been a few inquiries this week from businesses seeking to share meditation and mindfulness with their team. Why? Think: improved engagement and focus, expanded creativity and communication, learning to self manage stress and enhanced clarity of mind; and a growing awareness of the power of these practices on not only the individual, but their team and wider community.

I consider meditation a life skill and provide a range of different learning opportunities for businesses … from lunchtime sessions, right through to one-two hour conference break-out sessions and ongoing weekly or monthly programs.

My goal in this life, and the reasons I started Quiet Mind Meditation in 2009 .. is all about sharing these powerful ancient practice in a practical, straightforward and engaging manner.

I can’t keep this powerful tool to myself!

I provide participants with a clear understanding of what meditation is (and isn’t) and guide them through a range of different techniques so they can find a practice that best suits them – and start meditating!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t meditate!

Here is a sample of how a two-hour workshop might unfold .. given there is always flexibility for particular interests and flow:


· A brief and straightforward introduction to mindfulness and the art and the science of meditation
· Introduction to Meditative Exercises which are short but powerful mindfulness practices that act as circuit-breakers to rising stress, which can be undertaken right in the ‘heat of the moment’ to bring a greater sense of ease and calmness
· Learning why the breath so important in meditation, and for our health and wellbeing
· Clearing up a few common misconceptions about meditation (ie. you have to stop thinking!) and how to deal with thoughts and distractions in meditation
· Applying our understanding of the science of meditation to bring mindfulness into daily life (with examples and practice)
· Deconstructing a guided meditation to expand our practice with Mindfulness of the Body, Mindfulness of the Breath, Mindful Movement and Mindful Listening
· A guide to gently building a longer personal meditation practice from what we have learnt; and why this might be an important life tool

I also provide take home notes to support learning and practice outside the office.

COMING SOON: will be a new weekly Mindful Moment audio and email program for office dwellers .. to continue to support engaged learning and practice.

If you would like to introduce mindfulness to your team or have any questions

email me!