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Lunchtime Enlightenment #34

Lunchtime Enlightenment Mindfulness Daydreaming

Are you receiving our Lunchtime Enlightenment? Each Wednesday (just before lunchtime in Melbourne, Australia) I share a short and sweet weekly mindfulness exercise – designed to motivate and inspire you to take a few moments during your lunch break to cultivate presence, connection and awareness. Life is busy. We are all busy. But taking just […]

Wrong Hand

Musing Mindfulness Wrong Hand

This was a very well received Monday Meditation Musing that I shared in May 2012, that also marked a rather special occasion ~ our 100th Monday Meditation Musing (we are now at almost 350). I so enjoyed bringing this practice to life, although I had a few spills along the way .. Mindfulness is about […]

A Mindful Moment (audio)

Mindful Moment audio guided meditative exercise

A few weeks ago I had a local Council contact me, to discuss organising some suitable meditation and mindfulness programs for their staff as part Mental Health Week and their ongoing Mindfulness Month.  What a brilliant initiative! Along with a couple of lunchtime workshops (that were a great success) there was a request for some […]