And in a moment .. everything changes!

I was alerted to a problem with our beautiful new online store a few days ago, and my first thought was ‘oh no .. I don’t understand technology .. this is too hard’

So I took a deep breath

After having a look at the ‘back office’ and not seeing anything obviously wrong .. I took a deep breath.

I posted a quick notice here to let everyone know there was an issue .. and I took a deep breath.

There is always the breath to calm and steady us. Taking a slightly longer, slower and deeper inhalation, increases oxygen throughout the entire body (and mind), and brings balance into the sympathetic and para-sympathetic parts of our nervous system .. which increases communication between the two brain hemispheres and helps us guide through the choppy waters of life.

And the next day, just a few minutes with my very bright website developer .. and it was fixed.

So I am delighted to announce our SHOP IS OPEN:

*’Meditating’ door-signs
* Meditation Intention Bracelets
* Guided Meditations
* Gift Certificates

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