People sign up for meditation for many reasons .. to relax, improve health, develop greater focus and clarity, inspire creative thinking or just to cope better with change and the demands of life.

And like any project, in business or in life, we are much more likely to achieve our aims if we have a clearly stated objective. Understanding our motivation to practice meditation can be the single most powerful driving force we have to ensure we you do continue to meditate (and experience all the amazing benefits of a regular meditation practice).

There is a wealth of research studies now on file, from medical and scientific studies on meditation .. but having meditated for many years, I have my own proof that keeps me meditating!

I have substantial and long-term PROOF .. that everything in my life is better when I sustain myself with a regular meditation practice.

It is my way of making regular deposits into my Wellness Account.

Each morning after waking and having a drink of water, I take my seat to meditate. In doing this, I know on a really deep level that I am turning up to make another deposit into my Wellness Account. Every time I meditative I am honouring my intention to live my life well, and taking responsibility for ensuring there is enough of a secure investment in my Wellness Account to sustain me through life’s many ‘ups and down’s’ .. plus some extra tucked away for those ‘rainy days’.

Like all investing .. it is up to me to commit and focus on building my account .. to ensure that there is a healthy balance to draw on .. even when sometimes I would rather splurge and enjoy some short-term fun (like sleeping in a little longer or another glass of wine the night before).

And recognising that there will be times when an appointment, a calamity, a family responsibility might take priority over my morning meditation practice .. I know that there is ALWAYS five minutes SOMEWHERE in my day where I can take a pause and take a breath.

Moments when we connect completely with the now and find ourselves perfectly and joyfully in the magic of life = deposits into our ‘Wellness Account’

Meditative Exercises add the dollar coins and loose change to our Wellness Account .. small regular deposits that continue to add up over time.  Longer Meditation Practices are more like our monthly salary cheque.. a more satisfying and solid deposit.

Alongside my morning meditation, I try to include regular Meditative Exercises into my day .. washing the dishes with total awareness, watching the sunset from my deck, walking through the bush or sitting in silence on the train .. are all deposit to my Wellness Account.

Feeding our soul regularly and embracing positive energy builders are another source of deposits .. eating healthily, being quiet more, watching our breath (practicing pranayama), regular yoga or movement you enjoy, finding a new interest or hobby, caring and giving to others, listening to beautiful music or being creative with knitting or gardening.

Take a piece of paper right now .. and write down six rituals or practices that you could do each day to honour your wellness and start building your Wellness Account.

Did you know that a 15 minute meditation is an investment of just 1/100th of your day?

I don’t believe there is any better return on your investment.