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Festive Season Tips

Let us just agree (just between you and me) that this time of the year is .. stressful! Not only are we barrelling toward a big festive season; with all the planning, cooking, socializing, gifting and engaging, but here in the Southern Hemisphere all our schools and Universities are closing for eight (or more) week’s […]

Flash Candle Sale

candle sale meditation

Life = change. Just Breathe. Our family home is being sold. Change is afoot. I am acutely aware this week of the practical issues of moving, releasing, gifting and attending to all matter of items .. including our beautiful Quiet Mind shop stock. This morning after meditation .. I realized it was time to release our […]

Lunchtime Enlightenment

Have you signed up for our Lunchtime Enlightenment? For over a year (until recently) I have shared a daily, then weekly, mindfulness exercise on the Quiet Mind Meditation Facebook page. Then I added an email for those who asked for that option.  And recently I have been reviewing and refreshing all our offerings and logo’s […]


Meditation Intention Bracelets

And in a moment .. everything changes! I was alerted to a problem with our beautiful new online store a few days ago, and my first thought was ‘oh no .. I don’t understand technology .. this is too hard’ So I took a deep breath After having a look at the ‘back office’ and […]

New Meditation Bracelet

Meditation Bracelets

The Inspiration: recently on holiday in Bali, I met a friendly Balinese beach trader who despite the heady heat of the day was enthusiastically plying her wares up and down the beach.  While I was not keen on any more shopping .. I was drawn to one particular sample, a black mala made with a […]

Meditation Gifts

Gift Certificate Meditation

Our holiday gift collection is now available. For those who might be new to meditation, or seeking to reconnect, there is our Find the Stillness guided meditation CD which includes two mindfulness meditations (body and breath) and two short (but powerful) meditative exercises for those moments when you need to relax and refresh quickly. Beautifully […]